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About the courses

BAC Interactive is Malaysia's first Unity Accredited Training Centre, equipped to get you geared up for an exciting career in videogame development. The courses are designed by actual videogame industry professionals that have worked on mega-hit games such as Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Star Wars Jedi Night and The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift, with a focus on providing practical hands-on experience via real-world commercial projects.

If your dream is to create the next League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto or any other mega-hit game, then BAC Interactive is your foundation for developing the practical skills required to produce next generation videogames.

2 Videogame Training Courses | 12 Project-Based Weekend Classes

Videogame Development
Unity 3D Training

Production and Management


Unity 3D is the world's most popular videogame engine used by game developers around the world. It is a most in-demand skill recognized by today's gaming employers. All BAC Interactive Videogame Development: Unity 3D Training graduates will earn the coveted credential of Unity Certified Developer, which validates their knowledge of foundational game development, and includes the following perks:

  • A certificate valid for 2 years
  • Your exam scorecard, with results by topic area
  • Listing in the Unity Certification Lookup
  • Access to exclusive swag
  • Special discounts to select Unity events

Work on real world commercial projects


BAC Interactive's weekend courses offer anyone from a fresh graduate to a full-time working professional or busy entrepreneur the flexibility to kickstart their future in gaming development or production. Select your training path to gaming stardom, young Padawan!

Game Development: Unity 3D Training

Course Features:
  • Official Training Syllabus from Unity 3D
  • Hands-on training on an actual commercial videogame targeted for PC, VR and Consoles.

Topics Include:
  • Exploring Unity User Interface
  • Using Game Objects and Assets
  • Managing Projects and Assets
  • Assembling The Game Level
  • Lighting in Games
  • Animating Game Objects
  • Scripting in Game Development
  • Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding
  • Building the Player, Allies and Enemies
  • Creating Particle Systems
  • Adding Audio to Game Levels
  • Building the Camera and Player Selection System
  • Designing User Interfaces
  • Building and Deploying the Game
  • Preparing for Mobile Development

Minimum Entry Requirements:
  • SPM or Equivalent
  • Passion for Gaming!
Game Production and Management

Course Features:
  • Professional training by the developers behind famous games like Juiced, Quake 3 Arena, The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift and Star Wars Jedi Knight 3

Topics Include:
  • Videogame Design Document Creation
  • Technical Design Document Creation, Videogame Roles and Game Asset Pipeline
  • Videogame Scheduling, Milestones and Checklist Creation
  • Videogame Marketing and PR
  • QA, Localisation, Distribution and Publishing
  • Videogame Budgeting and Publisher Pitching

Minimum Entry Requirements:
  • SPM or Equivalent
  • Passion for Gaming!

Note: All students who complete the three-month courses can advance on to the one-year courses.


Where gaming adventures take off into profitable careers

We're located at VSQ @ PJ City Centre (nearby Asia Jaya LRT Station). A total of RM110 million has been invested into building the Brickfields Asia College campus, which houses a full-fledged video production unit designed to help students bring their 'A game' to class and succeed in a multi-billion dollar global gaming industry!


BAC PJ Campus: VSQ @ PJ City Centre, B-2, G-Floor,
Jalan Utara Section 14, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Call for Info:

+603-7497 2200

Weekend Videogame Training Courses by BAC Interactive.

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